Great group accommodation posibilities

Suitable for groups from 2 – 36 persons.

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Group accommodation in Pieterburen, Groningen

You can stay at Waddenhoes Guest Residences with groups from 2 up to 36 guests. Depending on the group size we will assist you to make the best combination of vacation homes and B&B rooms. This way there is sufficient space to be together comfortably and allow those of you who prefer so to withdraw in the bedroom or B&B room for some peace and privacy. It is not suitable for groups who like to make lots of noise and also not as a party venue.

Group accommodation posibilities

If desired, you can also take advantage of our special hall. This space is ideal for group activities and intimate meals. It is also possible to rent the entire property exclusively for your group.

If required, we can assist you in putting together a wonderful group program. What do you think of an exclusive trip with your group on the mudflats, a tour with the kick bikes or a tour with a silent electric boat?


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