Terp villages, ancient churches, historic farms and beautifully renovated mills. Also theatre and concerts in small churches, gallery routes, artist studios you can visit, museums that tell the history of the struggle against the sea …


The landscape in Groningen is characterized by the presence of old churches. These historic houses of worship with their austere architecture and understated interiors reflect our past. The Petruskerk in Pieterburen has a rich interior with lots of woodwork and –carving left by the nobility who heavily invested in this church. Many of the churches organize concerts.

Castle Farms

Groningen is home to many castle farms, the fine country houses of the old nobility, with canals and beautiful gardens around them. In Leens you find Verhildersum and in Uithuizen the Menkemaborg.


In most villages in Groningen you can see mills, sometimes more than one. The mill in Pieterburen is called the Four Winds and was recently restored. In Eenrum is the Lily, a beautiful hobby bakery. The mill Joeswerd in Feerwerd still grinds its own flour.


The history of the Hoogeland is told in several museums in the region. For centuries people battled against the sea. The mounds (terps), man-made residential hills are the visible legacy. Take a tour through the region, admire the nature along winding roads to particular villages, like Ezinge with its Museum Wierdenland that showcases all about this history. Open Air Museum Het Hoogeland in Warffum shows several of the old houses where people once lived and worked. Before the closing of the Lauwerssea Zoutkamp was a lively fishing village. In the Fisheries Museum they can tell you all about those times. The Groninger Museum and Forum are just a half hour drive from our guesthouse.

Arts / Artists Studio Route

Many artists are inspired by the scenic surroundings. A reason why lots of artists have settled in this region. Many of them can be visited in their studios on the first Sunday of the month. See Atelierroute 99.

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