Tranquility, space, skies, church towers, golden cornfields, flowering potato fields, the vast mudflats… together they form an impression of the beautiful region around Pieterburen, Het Hoogeland. An unique area where you can enjoy as nature lover or birdwatcher at your content.


The Groninger Landschap (Groninger Landscape) organizes various excursions from the visitor center ‘Buitenplaats Noordkust Pieterburen’, where you can also view a film about the salt marshes, levees and mudflats.

Nationaal Park Lauwersmeer

Until recently, the northern border between Groningen and Friesland was an erraric tidle area: The Lauwerssea. The salty delta was closed of from the Waddensea in 1969 with a seadike and the 22,000-acre area changed greatly in character in a short period of time. A sweet water area emerged and developed itself into a special nature reserve.

Due to the particular soil composition (former seabed) many rare plants and several species of orchids now grow in the park. Huge numbers of birds rest and breed in the park.

Annually, more than 100 excursions and activities are being offered by the National Park. Our foresters Jaap Kloosterhuis en Liesbeth van den Berg keep a blog of all the events in the park.